08 February 2006

NMdT S07E15 .: Isbergues 2AM


1. Frogeaters. the promise [SG/Mercury]
2. James Royal. come mai (call my name) [SG/CBS]
3. Basilio. tierras lejanas [SG/Novola]
4. T. Bone Walker. long lost over [SG/Trump]
5. Elvis. animal instinct [LP Harum Scarum]
6. Goldie & the Gingerbreads. the skip [SG/Decca]
7. The Fabulous Counts. jan jan [SG/Moira]
8. Clubman. clubman round-up [SG/British Leyland]
9. Evolution. i'm walking high [SG/Dimension]
10. Jimmy McGriff. since you've been gone [SG/SolidState]
11. Tony and the Mule Station. isbergues 2 a.m. [SG/AZ]
12. Rare Bread. chain reaction [SG/MGM]
13. Bruno Lomas. el dinero (money is) [SG/Discophon]
14. The Sweet Vandals. wake up! [SG/Funkorama]
15. Speaklow. take your time [SG/Funkorama]

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