01 February 2006

NMdT S07E14 .: Blue and Peaceful


1. People. somebody tell me my name [SG/Capitol]
2. 49th Parallel. twilight woman [SG/Venture]
3. Stacy's 5th. this thing [SG/Jubilee]
4. The Human Instinct. renaissance fair [SG/Time]
5. The Music Machine. come on in [SG/Hispavox]
6. The Kitchen Cinq. you'll be sorry someday [SG/LHI]
7. Terry Knight and the Pack. i've been told [SG/Lucky 11]
8. The Phaetons. 3 weeks, 4 days and 15 hours [SG/WB]
9. Pookah. blue and peaceful [SG/UA]
10. Union. confia en mi [SG/Novola]
11. Clair. my orange room [SG/Marlo]
12. Dusty Greyrock. tears in my heart [SG/RCA]
13. The Romeos. juicy lucy [SG/Mark II]
14. Norman T. Washington. same thing all over [SG/Pama]
15. Speaklow. papa don't take no mess [SG/Funkorama]
16. Spirit of John Morgan. the yodel [SG/Carnaby]

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