08 March 2006

NMdT S07E19 .: Circus Time


1. The Millenium. i just want to be your boyfriend [SG/Columbia]
2. Chuck Conlon. midnight reader [SG/Martin]
3. The Nightcrawlers. running wild [SG/Kapp]
3. The Left Banke. she may call you up tonight [SG/Smash]
4. The Phaetons. three weeks, four days and fifteen hours [SG/WB]
5. The Velvet Crest. na-na song [SG/Bold]
6. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
7. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/HotBiscuit]
8. The Joyride. the big bright green pleasure machine [SG/WorldPacific]
9. Carrot Tree. circus time [SG/RCA]
10. The Birdwtchers. mary mary [SG/Mala]
11. Lone Star. sin su amor (heart full of soul) [EP/HMV]
12. Los Sirex. si, lo hago por ti (i am talking about you) [SG/Vergara]
13. Micky y los Tonys. ya no estas [SG/Novola]
14. Los Impala. cada vez [EP/Sonoplay]
15. Wau & los Arrrghs. nunca la quise [LP Cantan en EspaƱol / Voodoo Rhythm]
16. El Zumbido. estas retendome abajo [SG/Major Tom]
17. Kim Weston. a thrill a moment

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