22 March 2006

NMdT S07E20 .: In the Heat of the Morning


1. The Collectors. looking at a baby [SG/Valiant]
2. The Left Banke. barteres and their wives [SG/Smash]
3. Fat Mattress. black sheep of the family [SG/Polydor]
4. Mind Garage. there was a time [SG/RCA]
5. David Bowie. in the heat of the morning [LP The World of / Decca]
6. Pookah. blue and peaceful [SG/UA]
7. Cape Kennedy Construction Co. first step on the moon [SG/Sintonia]
8. Chris Carpenter. this world (is closing in on me) [SG/UA]
9. The Abstracts. smell of incense [SG/Pompeii]
10. Estratagema I. hurry up [SG/diabolo]
11. The Lazy Sundays. all going away [EP/Puzzle]
12. Antoine. un éléphant me regarde [EP/Vogue]
13. Los Brincos. nadie te quiere ya [SG/Novola]
14. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
15. Love Society. without you [SG/Scepter]
16. Manfred Mann. each and every day [EP/Fontana]

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