05 April 2006

NMdT S07E22 .: Coming on Strong


1. Small Faces. up the wooden hills [LP There Are But Four SF / Immediate]
2. Bee Gees. i close my eyes [LP 1st / Atco]
3. Ronnie Von. o carpinteiro (if i were a carpenter) [EP/Polydor]
4. Los Angeles. no estoy contento [SG/Hispavox]
5. Los Pasos. nadie me entiende [SG/Hispavox]
6. 49th Parallel. twilight woman [SG/Venture]
7. Poe. up through the spiral [SG/Uni]
8. Blonde on Blonde. castles in the sky [SG/Ember]
9. The Chery People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor]
10. Evolution. i must live [SG/Dimension]
11. The Remains. don't tell me the truth [SG/Penniman]
12. Fumestones. let me take you for a while [SG/JoleteMacanaGarageWorks]
13. The Finestuff. i want you [SG/Ra-Set]
14. Stacy's 5th. my lovin' baby [SG/Jubilee]
15. Don Fardon. coming on strong [SG/Astor]
16. Boogaloo Investigators. the sloth / if you reap [ www.thefiveaces.com ]

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