12 April 2006

NMdT S07E23 .: Au Right Judas!!


1. Bo Hansson. the sun (parallel or 90º) [LP Magician's Hat / Charisma]
2. George Duke. au right [LP The Inner Source / MPS]
3. Young Holt Unlimited. the creeper [LP Mellow Dreamin' / Cotillion]
4. Judas. heaven on their minds [OST JesusChristSuperstar/MCA]
5. Jesus, Maria Magdalena & Apostoles. what's the buzz [OST JesusChristSuperstar/MCA]
6. Springwell. it's for you [SG/London]
7. La Mosca. once upon a time [SG/Guitarra]
8. Steampacket. she's down [SG/Knäppupp]
9. Cykle. in love my friend [SG/Label]
10. The Brass Toad. in the back of my mind [SG/Two Worlds]
11. The Onion Rings. she's gonna cry [SG/Blue Onion]
12. The Box. dreams second hand [SG/Admiral]
13. Don Fardon. we can make it together [SG/Astor]

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