10 May 2006

NMdT S07E26 .: El Dorado


1. Bamboo. girl of the seasons [LP Bamboo/Elektra]
2. The Glass Prism. to one in paradise [LP Poe Through .../RCA]
3. The Glass Prism. eldorado [LP Poe Through .../RCA]
4. Sweetwater. take it from the splice, boys [LP Melon / Reprise]
5. New Colony Six. mr, you're a better man than i [LP Colonization / Sentar]
6. The Petards. confussion all day [LP Music for Wild Angels / Dim]
7. Gary Walker & Carnabeats. cutie morning moon [SG/Philips]
8. The Group Image. banana split [LP A Mouth in the Clouds / Community]
9. Paul Parrish. english sparrows [LP The Forest of My Mind / Music Factory]
10. The Little Boy Blues. is love [LP In the Woodland of Weir / Fontana]
11. Fat Mattress. mr. moonshine [LP Fat Mattress / Atco]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Madre mía qué burrada el tema de Sweetwater. Solos de violín!! Y esas percusiones, teclas, vientos y demás. Me parece un tema impresionante.
the imposter | 05.12.06 - 9:46 am | #