24 May 2006

NMdT S07E28 .: Shake Beloved, Shake!


1. The Love Affair. so sorry [LP Everlasting / CBS]
2. The Glass Prism. beloved [LP Poe Through .. / RCA]
3. The Glass Prism. a dream [LP Poe Through .. / RCA]
4. Kesingtong Market. i would be the one [SG/WB]
5. New Colony Six. i'm just waitin' [LP Colonization / Sentar]
6. The Association. six man band [SG/Hispavox]
7. The Sunliners. well one [SG/MGM]
8. The Rationals. out in the streets (sing) [SG/A2]
9. Patrizia. shake in the morning [SG/Tempo]
10. David Clayton Thomas. brainwashed [SG/Roman]
11. Los Comodines. lo tienes que adivinar [EP/Sayton]
12. The Vagrants. young blues [SG/Fontana]
13. The Loot. i got what you want [SG/Sonet]
14. James Royal. house of jack [SG/CBS]
15. Winston G. cloud nine [SG/Decca]
16. Chris Farlowe. headlines [SG/Immediate]

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