18 October 2006

NMdT S08E03 .: Ship of Dreams


1. People. september's son [SG/Explosion]
2. Noah's Ark. paper man [SG/Decca]
3. Incredible Fog. tommy black [SG/Probe]
4. Wild Butter. roxanna [SG/UA]
5. The Match. mirror maze lady [SG/RCA]
6. Fat Mattress. black sheep of the family [SG/Polydor]
7. Neal Ford & the Fanatics. the jones [SG/Hickory]
8. Syndicate of Sound. you [SG/Stateside]
9. The Cleaners. how i feel [SG/Knight]
10. Soul Inc. i belong to nobody [SG/Counterpart]
11. The Northwest Company. she's a woman [SG/Ampex]
12. The Quiet Jungle. ship of dreams [SG/Yorkville]
13. Flowerz. talken about love [SG/Kingston]
14. One. enter my world [SG/Columbia]
15. The Gentrys. silky [SG/Bell]
16. Front Page News. you better behave [SG/Dial]
17. The Footprints. mama rand's [SG/Capitol]

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