25 October 2006

NMdT S08E04 .: Nightime's For You


1. Ultimate Spinach. ego trip [LP/MGM]
2. Calliope. california dreamin' [LP Steamed/Buddah]
3. Nazz. rain rider [LP Nazz Nazz / SRC]
4. The Glass Prism. here you are [LP On Joy and Sorrow / RCA]
5. The Boston Tea Party. in their shoes [LP/Flick Disc]
6. Mars Bonfire. ride with me baby [LP/Uni]
7. Mars Bonfire. night-time's for you [LP/Uni]
8. The Travel Agency. come to me [LP/Viva]
9. Buffalo Springfield. special care [LP Last Time Around / ATCO]
10. Eden's Children. call it design [LP sure looks real / ABC]
11. Southwest FOB. beggar man [SG/Hip]
12. Telephone. wondering [SG/Freedom]
13. The New York Rock 'n Roll Ensemble. monkey [LP/ATCO]

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