10 January 2007

NMdT S08E10 .: Hold On To Your Mind


1. Elizabeth. not that kind of guy [LP st/Vanguard/1968]
2. Unidades. siempre juntos [SG/Zartos/1976]
3. The Love Affair. so sorry [LP/Everlasting/1968]
4. The Epic Splendor. cowboys and indians [SG/The Hot Biscuit Disc Co.]
5. Sugarloaf. green eyed lady [LP st/Liberty]
6. One. stop pulling and pushing me [SG/Fontana/1971]
7. Andwella. hold on to your mind [SG/Reflection/1970]
8. Fat Mattress. happy my love [LP II/Atco/1970]
9. The Capricorn College. mab, mystic woman [SG/Bentler]
10. Morning Glory. jelly gas flame [LP Two Suns Worth/Fontana]
11. Glass Prism. who loves me [LP On Joy and Sorrow/RCA]

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