24 January 2007

NMdT S08E12 .: Smokey!!


1. The London Studio Group. smokey [MLP Jimmy Strikes Back/De Wolfe/1969]
2. Günter Fischer Quartett. das schloss [LP Das Zündet/Amiga]
3. Elvis. animal instinct [OST Harum Scarum/RCA]
4. Blue Mitchell. deeper in black [LP Collision in Black/BlueNote]
5. i Marc 4. sweet beat [LP st/Nelson/1970]
6. Wynder K. Frog. cool hand stanley [LP Into the Fire/UA/1970]
7. Ted Atking Orch. game trap [LP Pop Music for Dancing/Concert Hall]
8. Don Sebesky. the word [LP the Jazz Rock Syndrome/Verve/1968]
9. Ray Ellis. satisfaction [LP Big Hits for Swingers/Atlantic/1966]
10. Madeline Bell. ain't gonna cry anymore [LP Doin' Things/Philips/1968]
11. Augusto Algueró. great expectations [LP Mi Gran Amor/Polydor/1971]
12. Spooky Tooth. forget it, i got it [LP st/Bell]
13. Graham Bond with Magick. we put our magick on you [LP/Mercury]

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