07 February 2007

NMdT S08E14 .: Yavash Yavash


01. Los Belmont's. la carta (the letter) [SG/Orfeon]
02. The Classmen. any old time [SG/Pearce/1967]
03. The Classic IV. princess gloom [SG/R-Wal]
04. The Riot Squad. try to realise [SG/Pye]
05. The Fabulous Pack. i've got news for you [SG/LuckyEleven/1967]
06. i Corsari. yavash yavash [SG/Sesion/1967]
07. Los Cheyenes. tu no llegaste a mí [SG/RCAVictor/1966]
08. Lone Star. sin su amor (heart full of soul) [EP/HMV/1966]
09. The Fabulous Echoes. cry i do [SG/Liberty]
10. The Cult. you know you really hurt me girl [SG/20thCent/1966]
11. The Druids. a man should never cry [SG/Columbia]
12. The Cicadas. that's what i want [SG/RCAVictor]
13. The Cinders. good lovin's hard to find [SG/RIC/1965]
14. Don and the Goodtimes. you were a child [SG/Jerden/1966]
15. The Clique. stay by me [SG/Scepter/1967]
16. Johnny & the Mark V. sands of malibu [SG/Revue]
17. The Guerrillas. lawdy rolla [SG/Polydor]

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