14 February 2007

NMdT S08E15 .: Wait For My Love


1. Grahame Bond. love is the law [LP Love is the Law/Pulsar/1968]
2. Lee Michaels. tomorrow [LP Carnival of Life/AM]
3. Cressida. lights in my mind [LP Cressida/Vertigo]
4. Sugarloaf. chest fever [LP Sugarloaf/Liberty]
5. Vanity Fare. on your own [SG/PageOne]
6. Half Crown. here comes the day [SG/Pirate's/1971]
7. Capricorn College. mab, mystic, woman [SG/Bentler]
8. Krokodil. blue flashing circle [SG/Liberty]
9. The Face. wait for my love [SG/Liberty]
10. J.Paniagua. un desig antic [SG/Regal/1970]
11. Lee Michaels. love [LP Carnival of Life/AM/1968]
12. Los Beta. hey, girl (you make me cry) [SG/Sonoplay/1968]

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Anonymous said...

Love is the law, lights in my mind y Love se han convertido en temas obligados en mi mp4. Gracias
Fethemod | 03.22.07 - 7:07 pm | #