07 July 2007

NMdT S08E25 .: It's a Beautiful Day


1. Caravan. if i could do it all over again, i'd do it all over you [LP/London/1970]
2. Goblin. death dies [SG/Cinevox/1975]
3. Linn County. cave song [LP Proud Flesh Soothseer/Mercury/1968]
4. The Tea Company. love could make the world go round [LP Have Some Tea With/Smash/1968]
5. Quarteto 1111. os faunos [EP/Columbia/1967]
6. It's a Beautiful Day. white bird [LP st/Columbia/1968]
7. Dulces AƱos. caretas de carton [SG/MoviePlay/1971]
8. Mind Garage. what's behind those eyes [SG/RCA/1969]
9. Araxes. something to say [SG/gma/1973]
10. Augusto Martelli. summertime [SG/Discophon/1970]
11. Rado, Ragni & MacDermot. washing the world [SG/RCA]

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