18 July 2007

NMdT S08E26 .: Sinking Ship, No Return!


1. Mars Bonfire. ride with me, baby [LP Mars Bonfire/Uni/1968]
2. Edward Bear. sinking ship [LP Bearings / Capitol]
3. Dave Miller Set. let's get together [SG/Spin]
4. Smokey and his Sister. in a dream of silent seas [SG/Columbia/1967]
5. Fat Water. amalynda guinevere [SG/MGM/1969]
6. The Tower. in your life [SG/Decca/1968]
7. David Bowie. in the heat of the morning [LP The World Of/Decca/1970]
8. Blues Project. i can't keep from crying [LP What's Shakin'/Elektra/1966]
9. Tim Buckley. understand your man [LP st/Elektra]
10. Linn County. think [LP Proud Flesh Soothseer/Mercury/1968]
11. The Tower. slow motion mind [SG/Decca/1968]
12. Boston Tea Party. in their shoes [LP/FlickDisk/1968]
13. The Third Rail. no return [SG/Epic/1967]
14. The Optic Nerve. ain't that a man [EP/Cryptovision/1986]

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Anonymous said...

Posiblemente tu mejor programa. De principio a fin: Mars Bonfire, Fat Water, David Bowie... además he redescubierto "In your life". ¡Que bonita!
le responsable | 07.20.07 - 9:13 pm | #