07 November 2007

NMdT S09E05 .: Walk on the Grass


1. Spanky and our Gang. yesterday's rain [LP Anything You Choose/Mercury/1969]
2. Pidgeon. the main line [LP st/Decca/1969]
3. Pidgeon. springtime girl [LP st/Decca/1969]
4. The Oz Band. i'm not the same [SG/Cub/1968]
5. Opus IV. five minutes to train time [SG/LEA]
6. Barry Wigley. walk on the grass [SG/Accion/1972]
6. The Oz Band. winter rain [SG/Cub/1968]
7. the Cherry People. i'm the one who loves you [SG/Polydor/1970]
8. Kiss Inc. kids are crying [SG/Bell]
9. Blond. sun in her hand [LP Blond/Fontana]
10. Los Bichos. el baile terminó [SG/MusicHall]
11. Kano y los Bulldogs. la llamada [SG/RCA]
12. Tarantula. love is for peace [SG/AM/1968]
13. Pintura Fresca. manies (peanuts) [LP st/Sondor]
14. Banana. club de vampiros [SG/Music Hall]

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