24 October 2007

NMdT S09E04 .: Of Snakes, Fishers and Jokers


1. Gabor Szabo. three king fishers [LP Bacchanal/Syke/]
2. Sisa. cap a la roda [LP La Musica Progresiva Española Vol 1/Ariola/1971]
3. Edelweiss. sunday [SG/Top/1973]
4. Bobbie Gentry. okolona river bottom band [SG/Capìtol]
5. Junior. the snake [SG/RCA/1973]
6. Almas Humildes. jokers blues [SG/Discophon/1970]
7. Square Set. that's why [SG/CBS]
8. The Polyversal Souls. muswelhill run [SG/Fryers/2006]
9. Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings. road's end [LP Tribute to Jimi Hendrix/Europa]
10. The Ill Wind. little man [LP Flashes/ABC/1968]
11. Omnibus. the man song [LP st/UA/1970]
12. One. dont listen to me [SG/Fontana/1970]
13. Maquina. wild side of life [2LP Maquina En Directo/1972/Diabolo]

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