15 October 2008

NMdT S10E03 .: It's Alligator Time!


1. X-Cellents. hang it up [SG/Sure Play/1966]
2. Jimmy Stokley and the Exiles. it's alligator time [SG/LTD/1966]
3. The Baskerville Hounds. space rock pt 2 [SG/Tema/1965]
4. Them. I happen to love you [SG/Stateside]
5. The Changin' Times. how is the air up there [SG/Philips/1966]
6. Gaylan Ladd. her loving way [SG/MGM/1965]
7. The Loved Ones. surprise surprise (for you) [SG/Ambassador/1967]
8. The Remains. diddy wah diddy [SG/Epic/1966]
9. The Sneakers. watcha gonna do [SG/Hot Line/1964]
10. Los Flecos. estas lejos [EP/Vergara/1965]
11. Los Cheyenes. llore por ti [EP/RCA Victor/1965]
12. Don & Jerry. in the cover of night [SG/Fabor]
13. Nobody's Children. jungo partner (a wortless cajun) [SG/UA/1966]
14. The Tuesday Club. only human [SG/Philips/1967]
15. Wig / Wags. i'm on my way down the road [SG/SAMA/1967]


Felipe Imposter said...

Las Bangles en su mini-lp del principio de su carrera hicieron esta versión del How is the air up there!!

go·gorostiza said...

toma, pues no sabía!