29 October 2008

NMdT S10E05 .: Got to find a Way


1. The Jet Stream. all's quiet on west 23rd [SG/Smash]
2. The Third Rail. no return [SG/Epic/1967]
3. The Rainy Daze. my door is always open [SG/White Whale/1968]
4. The Indians. been so long [SG/Elektra/1969]
5. The Critters. no one but you [SG/Prancer/1965]
6. Shadden & the King Lears. all i want is you [SG/Arbet/1967]
7. The Forsaken. babe [SG/MTA/c1966]
8. John & Paul. i'm walkin [SG/Tip]
9. 6 Tickets to Shangri-La. i've got to find a wa [SG/Talmu/1967]
10. The Boys Next Door. suddenly she was gone [SG/Soma/1965]
11. The Nuclear Vision. because we've got love [SG/Skee]
12. The Restless Feelin's. a million things [SG/UA/1966]
13. The Rainy Daze. make me laugh [SG/White Whale/1968]
14. i Roll's 33. il mondo che verra [SG/CBS]
15. Variations. what's happening [SG/Oedon]
16. Los Brujos. desesperacion [SG/Mandioca]

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