10 November 2010

NMdT S12E03 .: Fools Live Alone


1. La Maquina del Sonido. sandra (a girl named sandoz) [SG/CBS/1969]
2. The Shadows of Time. search your soul [SG/Sol/1969]
3. The Liberty Bell. look for tomorrow [SG/BackBeat/1969]
4. The Affection Collection. time rests heavy on my hands [SG/United Artists/1968]
5. The Thousand Faces. a thousand faces [SG/Era/1968]
6. The Freedom. trying to get a glimpse of you [SG/Mercury/1968]
7. The Lost Tribe. fools live alone [SG/United artists/1969]
8. Andwella. hold on to your mind [SG/Reflection/1970]
9. The Tower. slow motion mind [SG/Decca/1968]
10. North Atlantic Invation Force. blue and green gown [SG/Congressional/1967]
11. The Hombres. take my overwhelming love [SG/VerveForecast/1968]
12. The Kidds. straighten up and fly right [SG/Big Beat/]
13. The Barracudas. wait for tomorrow [SG/Critique/1967]
14. Montanas. hey diddle diddle [SG/Decca/1969]
15. The Fortunes. someone to care [SG/Press/1966]

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