24 November 2010

NMdT S12E04 .: Cut You A-Loose


1. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. big time operator [EP/Columbia/1966]
2. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band.zoot's sermon [EP/Columbia/1966]
3. The Classic VI. princess gloom [SG/R-Wal]
4. Barry Lee & the Actions. try me [SG/Wine and Roses/1966]
5. Doug Robertson and the Good Guys. quiet riot [SG/Jerden/1964]
6. Billy the Kid Emerson. the whip (pt 1&2) [SG/M-Pac/1963]
7. The Merced Blue Notes. rufus JR [SG/Galaxy/1965]
8. The Merced Blue Notes. thumping [SG/Galaxy/1965]
9. Ricky Allen. cut you a-loose [SG/Age/1963]
10. Mickey Baker's Soul Sound. soul taste [EP/AZ/1966]
11. Mickey Baker's Soul Sound. after watz [EP/AZ/1966]
12. Howard Tate. night owl [SG/Verve/1967]
13. Shirley & Jessie. you can't fight love [SG/Wand/c1965]
14. Shirley & Jessie. ivory tower [SG/Wand/c1965]
15. Harlow Wilcox. groovy grobworm [SG/Impel]
16. Don Gardner. my baby likes to boogaloo [SG/Tru-Glo-Town/1966]

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