03 October 2007

NMdT S09E02 .: It's Funtastic Time


1. The Critters. everything but time [LP Younger Girl/Kapp/1966]
2. Crowd+1. try [SG/Capitol]
3. Vagrants. i can't make a friend [SG/Fontana/1966]
4. The Guilloteens. hey you [SG/HBR/1965]
5. The Shanes. i wanna go bowlin' [EP/Columbia/1966]
6. Los Mustang. no vendras [EP/LaVozDeSuAmo/1965]
7. The 4 Instants. night train [LP Discotheque/Society]
8. The Dantes. 80-96 [SG/Jamie/1966]

Funtastic Dracula Carnival bands
9. The Trashmen. surfin bird [SG/Garrett]
10. BlowFly. should i fuck this big fat ho
11. The Fabulous Ottomans. shake shout soul
12. The Fabulous Ottomans. touch of your love
13. King Salami & the Cumberland 3. mojo workout
14. King Salami & the Cumberland 3. rootie tootie baby
15. The Trashmen. same lines [SG/Tribe/1966]
16. Los Peyotes. el humo te hace mal [LP]
17. Wau y los Arrrghs. niƱa [LP]
18. The Rip Offs. fed up

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