06 April 2011

NMdT S12E08 .: Sueños de Botica


1. Steff. she's all right [SG/Epic/1966]
2. Silver Fleet. look out world [SG/Uni/1971]
3. The Wanted. big town girl [SG/A&M/1967]
4. Silver Fleet. come on plane [SG/Uni/1971]
5. Hot Water. you woman you [SG/Norman/c1968]
6. The Sound Sandwich. apothecary dream [SG/Viva/1967]
7. The Sound Sandwich. zig zag news [SG/Viva/1967]
8. Hot Water. reaction [SG/Norman/c1968]
9. The Renaissance. mary jane (get off the devil's merry-go-round) [SG/Parkway/1967]
10. Jony Rome and the Second Thought. the museum [SG/BriteLeaf/1968]
11. July. the way [SG/Ariola/1968]
12. Faine Jade. december's children [EP/Distortions/1967-1992]
13. Keith Everett. don't you know [SG/TMP-Ting/1967]
14. The Monotones. if you can't give me all [SG/Hickory/1963-65] [more about The Monotones]

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