20 April 2011

NMdT S12E10 .: De Pandas, Fu-Manchús y Gatos Callejeros


1. The Rockin' Ramrods. don't fool with fu manchu [SG/Claridge/1965]
2. The Jads. miss pretty [SG/Ashley/1966]
3. The Nocturnals. because you're gone [SG/Regency/1965]
4. The Rare Breed. come and take a ride in my boat [SG/Attack/1966]
5. The Rare Breed. beg, borrow and steal [SG/Attack/1966]
6. Michael & the Messengers. romeo & juliet [SG/USA/c1967]
7. Michael & the Messengers. lifs (don't mean nothin) [SG/USA/c1967]
8. The Yellow Payges. little woman [SG/Uni/1970]
9. The Back Alley. when i get home [SG/Date/1968]
10. Tony and the Bandits. (oh no) i can't lose [SG/Coral/1965]
11. The Alley Cats. lily of the west [SG/Epic/1965]
12. Teddy and the Pandas. sunnyside up [SG/Musicor/1966]
13. Clefs of Lavender Hill. one more time [SG/Date/1966]
14. Tony and the Bandits. it's a bit of alright [SG/Coral/1965]
15. The Shevelles. i could conquer the world [SG/WorldArtists/1964]
16. The Wild Ones. come on back [SG/Sears/1966]
17. London and the Bridges. it just ain't right [SG/Date/1966]

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