25 May 2011

NMdT S12E12 .: Dippity-Do!


1. Slam Creepers. i just couldn't get you out of my mind [SG/Olga/1969]
2. The New Vaudeville Band. wait for me baby [SG/Fontana/1966]
3. The Villagers. i'll be back again [SG/jcp/c1964]
4. The Last Chapter. words for you [SG/Skip/1966]
5. The Rose Garden. here's today [SG/Atco/1968]
6. The Lively Set. dippity-do [SG/Mercury/1965]
7. The Young Idea. room with a view [SG/Capitol/1967]
8. Bubble. i call her lady [SG/Dot/1968]
9. The Revelation. wait and see [SG/Music Factory/1968]
10. Icarus. from the start [SG/Parthenon/1975]
11. Icarus. king pin [SG/Parthenon/1975]
12. Therapy. stoney mountain [SG/Outburst/1970]
13. Banchee. i just don't know [SG/Atlantic/1970]
14. The Last Chapter. it's only when i'm lonely [SG/Skip/1966]

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