11 May 2011

NMdT S12E11 .: Cadenas Cascadas y Jóvenes Tiranos


1. The Only Ones. find a way [SG/Panik/c1966]
2. The Care Package. vinegar man [SG/Jubilee/1966]
3. The Cascades. she'll love again [SG/Liberty/1965]
4. The Breakers. don't send me no flowers (i ain't dead yet) [SG/Amy/1966]
5. The Chains. i hate to see you crying [SG/HBR/1966]
6. The Young Tyrants. she don't got the right [SG/IN Records/1967]
7. The Chosen Few. it just don't rhyme [SG/Denim/1967]
8. The Gregorians. dialated eyes [SG/ABC/1969]
9. Friends of the Family. can't go home [SG/Smash/1968]
10. Gene Clark. i found you [SG/Columbia/1967]
11. The Travelers. brimstone and fire [SG/Trash/c1966]
12. The Travelers. it wouldn't do you any good [SG/Trash/c1966]
13. The Knickerbockers. high on love [SG/Challenge/1966]
14. The Medallions. leave me alone [SG/Warped/1967]
15. Razor's Edge. gotta find her [SG/Kingston/1967]

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