22 December 2004

NMdT S06E07 .: Love is a Beautiful Thing


1. Little Sonny. wade in the water [SG]
2. Egbert Douwe. het gerucht [SG]
3. Doris. don't [SG]
4. Billie Davis. make the feeling go away [SG]
5. The Motions. i want you i need you [EP]
6. The Loot. i got what you want [SG]
7. The Quik. love is a beatiuful thing [SG]
8. Noel Odom & the Group. come on down to earth [SG]
9. Mike Wallace & the Caretakers. whitsand bay [SG]
10. Don Fardon. how do you break a broken heart [SG]
11. Carlos Bisso & Conexion nÂș 5. nena, te quiero tanto [SG]
12. John Smith & the New Sound. just a loser [SG]
13. Paul Muggleton. billy snow, jim black [SG]
14. Noel Deschamps. bye bye monsieur [EP]
15. Liz Brady. partie de dames [SG]
16. Claude Righi. rendez-vous orbital [SG]
17. Jocelyne. la la la la la [EP]

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