15 December 2004

NMdT S06E06 .: Instrumental Assassination pt. I


1. Animated Egg. inside looking out [LP Psychedelic Sounds]
2. Fred Bongusto. las tentaciones de Georgia [LP OST Ordenes son Ordenes]
3. Georges Raudi. stercock [45]
4. SeƱor Soul. psychotic reaction [45]
5. Wynder K Frog. harpsichord shuffle [LP Out of the frying pan]
6. Bill Doggett. funky whistler [45]
7. i Marc 4. blues work [LP s/t Nelson]
8. Dolly. negro zumbon [LP s/t]
9. Los Sonidos de FM. los adolescentes [EP]
10. Don Sebesky. shake a lady [LP the jazz rock syndrome]
11. TR Seleccion. turn my chicken loose [45]
12. Ekseption. canvas [LP s/t]
13. Jess & James. song whithout lyrics [LP Move]
14. 101 Strings. blues for the guru [LP Love is Blue]
15. Peels. fun [45]
16. The 4 Instants. bogattini [LP At the Discotheque]

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