29 December 2004

NMdT S06E08 .: Groupie Intoxication


1. Jim & Jean. time goes backwards [SG]
2. Phil Cordell. red lady [SG]
3. Pau Riba. kithou [SG]
4. Control. nadie ... nada [SG]
5. Evolution. i must live [SG]
6. Fresh Air. i've lost my faith [SG]
7. Tenderfoot Kids. intoxication [SG]
8. Whisky David. groupie [SG]
9. Marsha Hunt. walk on gilded splinters [SG]
10. The Left Banke. lazy day [SG]
11. Wanderlea. prova de fogo [EP]
12. Los 5 del Este. nada todavia (we ain't got notin' yet) [EP]
13. New Colony Six. dawn is breaking [SG]
14. i Bruzi. un cuore di sasso [SG]
15. The Fifth Order. Today i got a letter [SG]
16. The Berkeley Kites. waht goes up must come down [SG]
17. The Rugbys. stay with me [SG]

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