19 January 2005

NMdT S06E10 .: I'm So Glad!


1. Maguy. baby-ness [EP]
2. Eddy Mitchell. chronique pour l'an 2000 [EP]
3. Stella. cauchemaur auto protestateur [EP]
4. Jacques Dutronc. les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous [EP]
5. Les Sunlights. gadget suspect [EP]
6. State of Micky and Tommy. i know what i would do [EP]
7. Los Gatos Negros. que contento estoy (i'm so glad) [SG]
8. Pau Riba. ars erotica [SG]
9. Estratagema I. hurry up [SG]
10. La Mosca. once upon a time [SG]
11. Modificación. across the time [SG]
12. Roberto Carlos. e papo firme [SG]
13. Erasmo Carlos e sus Tremendoes. vem quente que eu estou fervendo [SG]
14. Los Pops. te esperaba (see see rider) [EP]
15. Los Beta. oh. mi amor (oh, my love) [EP]
16. Los Simuns. estoy solo [EP]

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