12 January 2005

NMdT S06E09 .: The Clubman Round Up


1. Travis Wammack. scratchy [SG]
2. The Invictas. long tall shortie [SG]
3. Los 5 del Este. protestando [EP]
4. Los Martins. dejadnos colaborar [SG]
5. Bruno Lomas. un hombre sin amor [EP]
6. Red Squares. mr bus driver [SG]
7. Annie Philippe. on m'a toujours dit [EP]
8. Wanderlea. acho que vou lhe esquecer [EP]
9. Jocelyne. oui j'ai peur (is it true) [EP]
10. The Cleaners. if you want me [SG]
11. Salloom. Sinclair & the Mother Bear. florida blues [LP s/t]
12. Clubman. clubman round-up [british leyland EP]
13. Five by Five. hung up [SG]
14. The Paupers. think i care [LP magic people]
15. Brujos. ese dinero [SG]
16. Suzy & los Quattro. hey lil' sister [LP ready to go]

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