02 March 2005

NMdT S06E16 .: The Gonzo Slide!


1. Jimmy Smith. ain't that just like a woman [LP HoochieCoocheMan/Verve]
2. Clarence Armstrong. beaver [SG/Money]
3. El Klan. when love goes wrong [LP Love is a Swedish thing/Interdisc]
4. Ossie Lane Show. it's growing [LP Maddox 2 / Edigsa]
5. The Crowns. call me [SG/Pama]
6. Chicago Cubs Clark St Band. slide [SG/Chess]
7. John Phillips Soul & his Stone Marching Band. that memphis thing [SG/Pepper]
8. The London Studio Group. skinhead [LP Bumper Bundle / de Wolfe]
9. The Presidents. mission impossible [SG/Penelope]
10. SeƱor Soul. pata pata [SG/Belldisc]
11. Clubman. mini scotch [EP/British Leyland]
12. James Booker. gonzo [SG/Peacock]
13. Joe Groundhog Richardson. take it off [SG / Major Minor]
14. The Brothers Two. you got it [SG/Crimson]
15. Bill Doggett. monkey [LP Fingertips / Columbia]
16. Singing Sam & his Sparks. house o lords [SG/DeeDee]
17. Syl Johnson. come on sock it to me [SG/Twilight]
18. The Buena Vistas. hot shot [SG/Swan]

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