16 March 2005

NMdT S06E18 .: Le Tapis Magique


1. Capricorn College. mab mystic woman [SG/Bentler]
2. Estratagema 1. hurry up [SG/Diabolo]
3. Spinach. action man pt2 [SG/Ariola]
4. Jarvis Street Revue. magic man [SG/Columbia]
5. Pretty Things. talkin' about the good times [SG/Laurie]
6. Paul Nicholas. lamp lighter [SG/Polydor]
7. Marc Hamilton. tapis magique [SG/Carrere]
8. Love Sculpture. in the land of the few [SG/Odeon]
9. Episode Six. love hat revenge [SG/Elektra]
10. The Abstracts. see the birdies [SG/Pompeii]
11. Maquina. lands of perfection [SG/Diabolo]
12. Los Picapiedras. la discotheque [SG/Arena]
13. The Kinks. situation vacant [EP/Pye]
14. Wallace Collection. my way of loving you [SG/Pathe]
15. The End. loving, sacred loving [SG/Sonoplay]

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