09 March 2005

NMdT S06E17 .: Gonna Find a Cave


1. Chris Farlowe. moanin' [SG/Columbia]
2. James Royal. call my name [SG/CBS]
3. Massiel. el era mi amigo [SG/Novola]
4. i Corvi. questo e' giusto (morning dew) [SG/BlueBell]
5. Whichwhat. wonderland of love [SG/MoviePlay]
6. The Loot. whenever you're ready [SG/Sonet]
7. Satrycon. just the two of us [SG/Moxie]
8. The Montanas. difference of opinion [SG/Independence]
9. The Grassroots. who will you be tomorrow [SG/Dunhill]
10. Damon. song of a gypsy
11. Miki Dallon. gonna find a cave [SG/Vogue]
12. The Takers. think [SG/Interphon]
13. Steam Packet. trouble and tea [SG/Polydor]
14. Los Beta. oh mi amor [EP/Regal]
15. The Bunch. you can't do this [SG/CBS]
16. Colonel Bagshot's Incredible Bucket Band. gina [SG/Vogue]
17. Keith & Billie. tastes sour don't it [SG/Piccadilly]
18. The Roulettes. junk [SG/Parlophone]

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