21 September 2005

NMdT S07E02 .: Walkin' en el Parque


Guest spinner :: Rafa Gomez
Local mod/beat collector and dj

1. Della Reese. it was a very good year [LP One More Time / ABC]
2. Hugh Masekela. society's child [LP HM's Latest / UNI]
3. Roy Meriwether Trio. cow cow boogaloo [LP Soul Knight/Capitol]
4. TNT Band. the meditation [SG/Cotique]
5. Los Ros. en el parque [SG/Belter]
6. Bruno Lomas. dame tu amor [SG/Discophon]
7. Samantha Jones. go ahead [SG/Ford]
8. Graham Bond. walkin' in the park [SG/WB]
9. John Drevar. what greater love [SG/Polydor]
10. The Groove. play the song [SG/Parlophone]
11. Peeps. rainbow [SG/GRT]
12. The Rattles. say allright [SG/StarClub]
13. Zuider Zee. peace of mind [SG/CBS]

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