05 July 2006

NMdT S07E30 .: Of Elephants and Spinachs


1. Affinity. night flight [LP/Paramount]
2. One with Alan Marshall. don't listen to me [SG/Fontana]
3. The Alan Bown. storybook [LP/Music Factory]
4. The Grassroots. i'd wait a million years [SG/Dunhill]
5. The Glass Prism. she's too much [LP On Joy and Sorrow / RCA]
6. Stained Glass. the necromancer [SG/Capitol]
7. The Illusion. did you see her eyes [SG/Steed]
8. The Sunliners. land of nod [SG/MGM]
9. Ultimate Spinach. where you're at [LP Behold and See / MGM]
10. Eden's Children. things gone wrong [LP Sure Looks Real / abc]
11. The Elephants Memory. takin' a walk [LP/Buddah]
12. Shorty Long. ain't no justice [SG/Soul]
13. Quincy Jones. pussyfoot [SG/abc]

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Anonymous said...

Qué grande el I'd wait a million years, me pillé el single el año pasado y es tremenda. Por cierto, Material Issue hacían una versión muy buena!
the imposter | 07.06.06 - 9:13 am | #