19 July 2006

NMdT S07E32 .: Too Much of Nothing


1. Mind Garage. angel asks [LP/RCA]
2. The Boston Tea Party. i'm telling you [LP/FlickDisc]
3. Spooky Tooth. too much of nothing [LP/Bell]
4. The Alan Bown. my girl the month of may [LP/Music Factory]
5. The Frost. the family [LP Frost Music/Vanguard]
6. The Forum Quorum. your turn to cry [LP/Decca]
7. Erik and the Smoke Ponies. i'll give you more [SG/KamaSutra]
8. The Onion Rings. she's gonna cry [SG/Blue Onion]
9. Gaylan Ladd. her loving way [SG/MGM]
10. Flowerz. flyte [SG/Kingston]
11. The London Knights. go to him [SG/Mike]
12. The Riddles. it's one thing to say [SG/Mercury]
13. The New Invaders. don't let me down [SG/Invader]
14. The Winkle Pickers. i haven't got you [SG/Colpix]
15. Los Nivram. un amor sin igual [EP/Regal]

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