26 July 2006

NMdT S07E33 .: See You In September


1. Spirit. prelude-nothin' to hide [LP Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus / Epic]
2. Nazz. not wrong long [LP Nazz Nazz / SGC]
3. The Herd. understand me [SG/Fontana]
4. The Buckinghams. back in love again [SG/Columbia]
5. Colours. you're high [LP Atmosphere/Dot]
6. The Frost. mystery man [LP Frost Music / Vanguard]
7. The Travel Agency. she understands [LP/Viva]
8. Eclection. morning of yesterday [LP/Elektra]
9. Nancy and Lee. summer wine [LP Nancy & Lee / Reprise]
10. Paul Parrish. suzanne [LP The Forrest of My Mind / Music Factory]
11. Brother Jack McDuff. too many fish in the sea [SG/
12. Ray Charles. go home [SG/ABC]
13. The Strange Bros. Show. shakey jakes [SG/AZ]
14. Jimmy Robins. i can't please you [SG/Jerhart]
15. The Gilberto Sextet. good lovin' [SG/Cotique]
16. Los Indonesios. see you in september [EP/Fundador]

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