07 May 2008

NMdT S09E12 .: Ahora Me Amas, Paquera!


1. The Wazoos. inside of me [SG/National/1967]
2. The Lost Tribe. fools live alone [SG/UA/1969]
3. Los Walkers. ahora me amas (now you love me) [SG/Music Hall/1969]
4. Terry Knight and the Pack. how much more (have I got to give) [SG/Lucky 11/1966]
5. Flowerz. flyte [SG/Kingston/1968?]
6. The Sound Specials. I wasn't satisfied [SG/BVP/1966]
7. Joe Frank & the Knights. won't you come on home [SG/ABC Paramount/1966]
8. The Good Feelings. I'm captured [SG/LIberty/1967]
9. The Jynx Pack. i can't make up my mind [SG/Mercury/1965]
10. Clefs of Lavender Hill. so I'll try [SG/Date/1966]
11. The Silvery Boys. o paquera [SG/Fermata/1967]
12. The Roulettes. soon you'll be leaving me [SG/Parlophone/1963]
13. Charlie Brown's Generation. trash [SG/Atco]
14. The Higher Elevation. here comes sunshine [SG/Liberty/1968]
15. The Shake. once again [SG/HeyGirl/2007]

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