14 May 2008

NMdT S09E13 .: It's About Aum


1. Edward Bear. mind police [LP Bearings/Capitol]
2. Aum. aum [SG/Fillmore/1969]
3. Power. children ask (if he is dead) [SG/MGM/1967]
4. HP Lovecraft. it's about time [LP HPII/Philips/1968]
5. The American Revolution. crying eyes and an empty heart [LP/Flick-Disc/1968]
6. The Changin' Tyimes. young and innocent girl [SG/Philips/1966]
7. The Moon. mothers and fathers [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
8. The Moon. pleasure [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
9. The Moon. i should be dreaming [LP Without Earth/Imperial/1968]
10. Cosmic Brotherhood. sunshine world [SG/A&M/1969]
11. George Baker Selection. i wanna love you [SG/Colossus/1970]
12. The Yellow Payges. judge carter [SG/Uni/1968]
13. The Tate Gallery. newspaper man [SG/EmiOdeon/1970]

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