21 May 2008

NMdT S09E14 .: A's and B's part i


Two episodes show featuring double sider 45's!

1. David Clayton-Thomas. done somebody wrong [SG/Decca/1969]
2. Kevin King Lear. mr pearly [SG/PageOne]
3. The ID. you got me hummin [SG/Spin/1967]
4. The Moquettes. right string [SG/MGM/1964]
5. The Force Five. gee too tiger [SG/Ascot/1965]
6. Don and Jerry with The Fugitives. i can't quit [SG/Fabor/1965]
7. Steampacket. baby you've got it [SG/Kn├Ąppupp/1967]
8. Boston Tea Party. don't leave me alone [SG/Fona/1967]
9. The Innovation. heartaches and headaches [Sg/RCAVictor/1967]
10. The Tears. weatherman [SG/Scorpio/1966]
11. The Renaissance. that someone isn't me [SG/Toddlin Town]
12. The Touch. so fine [SG/Public/1968]
13. Finestuff. big brother [SG/Ra-Sel/]
14. Jefferson Lee. book of love [SG/OriginaSound/1969]
15. Crowd+1. don't hold back [SG/Capitol]
16. Plastic Penny. your way to tell me go [SG/PageOne/1968]

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